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Except I don't see which glitches you speak of. Wavedashing and L-canceling are advanced techniques, not glitches. Also, Sakurai has never stated that he never expected any abuse from the players.

Melee players from my experience are among the nicest in the community. They are generally older, more mature than the rest, which is understandable, the game had been out for a while. Honestly, people accusing Melee players or Project M players of being elitists have NEVER been to a tournament.

I see way more elitism come from the other fandoms honestly, those who tell us that we're playing wrong, that we ought to kill ourselves for playing a mod, those that accuse us of being elitist while trying to tell us how to play the game.... ironically.

The problem is that we have a right to complain and tell Nintendo what we like and don't like. That is how a responsible consumer behaves. I know this younger generation is deathly afraid of diverse opinions and would rather we live in a giant hugbox, but the truth is that it didn't have to be like this. Smash could have been fun for both high level and low level players. Sakurai "chose" to focus on the low level players exclusively, which lead to this issue in the first place.


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