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Sun Dec 13 15 04:48pm
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I know L-Canceling isn't a glitch, it was even in Smash 64. But Wavedashing is. I really wish I could find it again, but it was quite a long time ago. But it was an interview with Sakurai and he did say, "Yeah, we knew [wavedashing] was in it. We just didn't expect people to use it like they do." I think it's labelled a glitch because it's an exploit of the engine more than anything. Which takes skill, but it seems crazy! haha

And I'm sure Melee players are nice, but from my experience with them they are usually only nicer to their own kind. Now, I have said I don't mind them, but I don't mind really anyone until they give me a reason to think otherwise. But I've never gone to a strictly Melee tournament, because I just don't like the competitive scene for that game. (Same with Project M)

But I can agree that there is elitism from really any other fandom as well, but I'm not that way. You should play whatever makes you happy and have fun! Like, I can't really stand Fallout 4, I think 3 is still the strongest Bethesda Fallout (with NV being on the bottom). But I don't tell others they shouldn't play it. But I'm just not into the mechanics of Melee, and it shouldn't be a problem if Nintendo decides to go in their own direction with something instead of staying behind and not growing.

And, you are right. We do have the right to tell any industry what we think of their product. But we shouldn't expect change or force them to change because our opinions differ. Because, in the end, they are in the business of making money. And there is more money in opening up a game to a "lower level" audience than a "higher level" one. I say it that way, because I think Smash 4 has done well on hitting both.



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