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I merelt said nostalgia plays a factor, which it definitely does, in games older gamers. Hell some show that gamers introduced during the 3D generations oft take games of previous consoles abrasively at first. Some times seeing them as too hard, others too ugly, but always some reasoning. Whether they do stand the test of time or not is irrelevant to this factor, no matter how minor one sees it in his/her opinion.

Brawl did create a massive rift, cause it was not Melee. Some saw it as refeshing, others a detrimental toxicity in what they saw was the purest form of Smash. This is not the only game that experiences this, but sure as hell one of few no one wants that rift to die. Wavedashing and L-cancelling may not been intended, but I do believe they should have legitimized and taught it. Though removing them shouldn't be as impactful as many proclaim them to be. But that rift has many reasons to have happened, most of them very opinionated.

Many keep proclaiming Melee CAN be a party game yet somehow I see everyone demand very tournament rules for said parties. But somehow they say the same cannot be done in turn For later games. This is where I feel the disparity comes in, along with the rift, for the fanbase. They could go and say the next game is going for Melee's routes and be intensive and strategic and isolate the common player and people will feel it is still not enough cause it just would not be Melee.


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