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An exploit isn't a glitch though, it's just using the physics engine cleverly and within the bounds of the game's rules. The game was programmed to translate air-dodges momentum into slides when landing. It requires intent as the character would end in a T-pose if that wasn't programmed into the game.

I wonder why you don't like that scene, because I personally love these people. They are nice, respectful, will play with just about anyone regardless of their skill level, age, gender, etc... They're just people like you and me who like Smash. I won't try and force you to go to a tourney, but I assure you, there is more to it that you may believe. TO me at the very least, this community has been incredibly supportive, and that was at a time where I was insufferably young and stupid.

I'll agree on the fact that people should play the way they want and we should live and let live.

Just to make your mental image of our hands worse, I hold the controller in reverse hold. I'm kinda known in the community for doing this, lol.


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