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Sun Dec 13 15 06:35pm
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If you haven't been to a tournament, then you know nothing of this community and should not speak of it. There are TONS of trolls online on all sides, and we as a community do not condone any douchebaggery in our ranks. They do NOT represent us. If you're not going to meet us halfway and talk to us, then you do not have the right to pose judgements towards us.

Believe me, I've seen many Smash 4 fans with an elitist anti-Melee complex. I don,t think all of its fans are like them.

Keep in mind, some Melee fans react out of exasperation from being hounded regularily. Some will snap. We don't condone that, but I can understand why some will be fed up with being called an elitist every time he opens his mouth.


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