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Smash has become "Video Games: The Video Game". At this point, I'd like to see a few more third-party characters make the scene before this ride ends. Especially Simon Belmont from Castlevania. With everything else there now, it just feels like a gaping hole. I miss Ice Climbers and Snake. I'd much rather see them over Wolf.

Smash will continue. I don't know why Sakurai even bothers saying such things. But I think he should become an adviser at this point, since every Smash game threatens to "kill" him. There are so many stages and characters at this point that have pre-established rules and movesets that would give another designer/programmer plenty to work with. Bring back Sub-Space Emissary. Lose that awful board game.

How many remaining characters and stages are we supposed to get at this point, anyway? Does anyone know?


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