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Mon Dec 14 15 04:24pm
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Excuse me? Are you implying that Smash 4 cannot be played at a high level? Who are YOU to call tournament players of a game you supposedly don't care about "low level"? As someone who's an advocate for Smash Bros. being played how ever the player chooses, I have gone to local tournaments with friends and I have seen not only great people but great players doing great things with the huge amount of characters presented and for you to suggest otherwise when you most certainly haven't seen these players is disrespectful and insulting. For someone who apparently doesn't condone disrespect and douchebaggery, you're doing quite the opposite in this thread, getting on other people's cases for not sharing your enthusiasm for the Melee community. You don't like Smash 4, that's fine, that isn't my issue and frankly don't care about your opinion of Sakurai, but for you to berate people for playing a game you simply don't like because of it's mechanics is very rude and full on hypocrisy. The Melee community has awesome people in it as well but as a whole, they are certainly NOT the angels you make them out to be, each game has It's group of assholes and elitists, whether you like to acknowledge them or not, a fair bit of them come from your part of the coummity. All you're doing is giving people a reason to further give your sect of the community shit, and that's not cool at all.

"Low level players"

What a bunch of pretentious nonsense.


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