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Here's my take: "High alert! Someone on the internet mentioned PM. Cue all the resentful scrubs and Sakurai worshippers. Regurgitate the same tired non-arguments in a pathetic attempt to discredit PM!"

Let it be clear: PM is a Super Smash Bros. game by definition (the proper definition, not whatever ill-defined definition you have floating around in your head). But beyond rudimentary labeling for categorization purposes, whether or not PM is an official or 'true' Super Smash Bros. game is unimportant, and, naturally, only little people care about the little, unimportant things.

What truly matters is if PM is a good game -- which it is. And a very good one at that!

a cancelled fan project

It wasn't cancelled, development has simply ceased. Somewhere in there, there is a very easy joke waiting to be made about Wikipedia getting cited by a guy who can't be bothered to fact-check.