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Smash 4 can be played at a high level, but there is a skill ceiling that is much quicker to attain. It's part of the reason Brawl's scene died off very early. People had already reached their maximum potential and the game became dull and dreary, while Melee allows for infinite growth.

I have seen these players, I go to tournaments where each game is represented. I'm not even being disrespectful here. Yeah, you can be good at Smash 4, and it takes some work, but it still is not a game that is anywhere as deep and Melee. No sensible person would deny this. I play with Smash 4 players in Project M, they even tell me themselves that they play Smash 4 because they find Melee difficult to win at. There's no shame in that really. Some Smash 4 players like Ally are clearly better than I am, and they even beat me at my own game. However, there is a limited growth potential for this particular game. There is also no denying that Brawl and Smash 4 tend to try to appeal to low level players. SOme get good within the confines of what they are given, but I will always be more impressed with pro Melee gameplay or Pro 64 gameplay than Pro Smash 4 or Brawl gameplay. I'm sure Melee has a skill ceiling, but we haven't even seen it yet after 15 years.

Melee is a community, and of course, not "everyone" will be nice, but I'm trying to demystify the wrong assumption that all of us, or even most of us are elitists as this is demonstrably wrong.


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