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Mon Dec 14 15 11:12pm
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"People had already reached their maximum potential and the game became dull and dreary, while Melee allows for infinite growth."

Huge exaggeration. We have no idea how much farther Melee's metagame will increase, you are really stretching it if you think it's skill ceiling is going on forever. Calling players "low level" sounds disrespectful to me, you wouldn't want that said about players from your part of the community, would you? Definitely not. You have to be respectful to earn respect, especially in this community. Melee has more depth than Smash 4, a game that has only been out a year, and has only just started with it's metagame? Nonsense. Comparing a 15 year old game to a 1 year old one that has had barely any time to mature is not sensible at all. Melee took years to get as deep as it is now and it's safe to say the same will happen with Smash 4. "Sensible" people that have played the game for long stretches of time would be able to make that conclusion, not you. Making assumptions about a game's competitive longevity is foolish. There is nothing to "deny". Also, some of the most impressive competitive Smash games I've seen have come from Smash 4, whether someone is more impressed with Melee, Smash 4, or what have you is completely subjective. I've seen amazing competitors play any iversion of Smash, that means absolutely nothing. I agree with the last statement though, All Smash communities have great players, and no one is saying most of you are like that, most of what I see are saying there a select few individuals who a have a foolish agenda against others for how they play Smash and which Smash game they play, they exist in every part of the community, and they, frankly need to lighten the fuck up. We're all Smash fans, who cares which one people prefer? I love every Smash and I will never decry anyone for playing it whatever way they choose.


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