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Mon Dec 14 15 11:35pm
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Are you admitting that you were just trying to get a rise out Vigilante, or are you really this stunted? I'm going to go with the latter because if it were actually the former case, you wouldn't have kept up for as long as you have. Either way, the description of "juvenile" is fitting. Let's recap.

You said: PM isn't an SSB game (thereby implying it is somehow a lesser entity -- and don't even attempt to claim that that wasn't the implication because if that were the case, you would not even have brought it up). Follow up by linking the Wikipedia page for the Super Smash Bros. series -- and not just once, but twice (I thought it was strange, but now I've realized that behavior was quite typical).

Me: Link a few Wiki pages in order to demonstrate the silliness of your implied argument.

You: Generic straw man reply.

Me: An snarky account of how things really happened (and tend to happen), a refutation of your implied argument*, as well as a disproving of a factually incorrect point.

You: Generic straw man reply (again) with repetition of factually incorrect point because cheap bait is all you can muster up.

Me: Ask you to clarify a term, while providing an example of said term.

You: Misuse words and accuse me of fallacious arguing without actually providing examples of my flawed arguments.

* For the inhibited readers out there, ChozoBoy declared that PM wasn't a Smash game because it was a fan game (that is a modification of an official release, but I digress). To support his claim, he links the Wikipedia SSB article twice.

This is his 'argument', the only 'argument' he has made, and the only 'argument' I've refuted. And this is reality unless someone can prove otherwise with empirical evidence.

Your unprovoked apologetics make you an apologist.

You still haven't answered my question: what exactly am I apologizing about?

Hint: the answer involves quoting specific text samples demonstrating my supposed psychosis.

But the reality is that you won't -- and not because you're "too good for this" or whatever cop-out you'll come up with to avoid having to challenge yourself even a bit, but because you can't. Because whatever points you think I'm defending and attacking aren't in my head; they're constructions of your stunted mind.

Furthermore, you've misused a word, but that's unsurprising considering your difficulty with definitions and, well, nearly everything mental. I mean, by your stretched definition of the term, even you're an apologist because you're defending your view of PM being "not Smash Bros." Same deal with "prosthelytizers".

Anyway, cue monsieur straw man.



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