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Tue Dec 15 15 01:02am
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Finally got around to beating Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: First Chapter: Colon: Subtitle. Random observations:

-The final boss took about three tries to beat, mostly because on my first try when I got him down to the last 10% of his health, he basically cheated and gave himself and his three summoned minions 25 turns in a row -- one of which he used to inflict a status effect on my sole surviving party-member so that I could not even get input commands even when those turns were over. Forty-five minutes down the tubes. That and the lame ending were kind of a bummer way to close out the game.

-The soundtrack was pretty generic fluff, which is a description that feels weird to be applying to a Falcom game. Wtf?

-I kind of dig the battle system a lot of the time, but then there are times where it will throw in fights where the flow of battle does not feel at all within my control and I just have to hope the enemy AI stupids out of putting me in situations where I am literally incapable of preventing a Game Over. The worst example was an escort mission where I had to protect an NPC in battle against six wolves, all of which could one-shot the NPC and instantly win the fight at any time if they wanted. If I ever get Second Chapter, I dunno if I will pick Nightmare for my first playthrough again, which again feels like a weird comment to make about a Falcom game. :-/

-Speaking of wolves, this game was very clearly made by cat people. All the cats in the game are funny NPCs, while dogs of some kind were involved in three of the five most painful fights, the other two being the aforementioned final boss and one battle that players are not even supposed to be able to win at that point (where all party members did chip-damage to him and if his AI and the RNG felt like it, he could basically heal 85% of his health without presenting a single opportunity to stop him).

-This game's plot twists are so obviously telegraphed in advance that it feels like the narrative equivalent of one of Nintendo's floating-head-and-hands bosses.

-The upshot of all of this is that I wound up going back and starting another replay of Ys Origin, which is still absurdly good and should be a nice palate, quick cleanser before I immerse myself in the grind of the newly-arrived X.


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