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Okay, I've been keeping an eye on this comment section because I remember having very similar discussions with you. I could point out a few strange discussion forms you have, but they are not necessarily flawed arguments. ...Just, some odd things to say in context.

Now, the reason I stepped in and ultimately what I fail to understand is you saying that Smash 64 and Melee are for everyone and Brawl and Smash 4 aren't, only to follow it up with this reasoning:

The fact that many find the new games dull and dreary while having been the most devoted fans of that series shows that this game is not for everyone.

Couldn't you use this argument the other way around too? "The fact that people think Melee is too fast and difficult and has terrible physics shows that this game is not for everyone."

And I think you are looking back at Melee with rose-tinted glasses. Not everyone loved Melee; it was far from universal. It was simply *the best we had at that time* but a lot of people think better stuff came along and moved on.


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