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Melee is a community, and of course, not "everyone" will be nice, but I'm trying to demystify the wrong assumption that all of us, or even most of us are elitists as this is demonstrably wrong.

This seems odd to me. I'm sure it is not your intention, but you are almost having the opposite effect here.
I've seen you in several comment sections about Smash and I've even had discussions with you in the past, and every time you sound like Melee is better than Brawl/Smash 4 and everyone should know it. You bring up points that have nothing to do with anything, just so you can make that point. In this comment section alone, you...
- Started a whole discussion by implying only Smash 64 and Melee are for everyone
- Brought up the so-called rift between Smash communities when it had nothing to do with anything
- Wished for new iterations to just be Melee with added modes
- Point fingers at others for assaulting competitive players, which is in truth a highly subjective chicken-and-egg story
- Were clamoring Melee to be the game for everyone while it really isn't, not really accepting any counter arguments on this
- Went of your way to disagree with someone thinking Smash 4 is the best, even though you already dominate this comment section, again spreading your love for Melee even more
- Were strawmanning, playing a victim's role

Of course, you also do good things, You...
- repeatedly said people should live and let live
- showed you've at least tried all games and formed an opinion based on that
- thanked people for open-mindedness
- went about these discussions with proper respect

That said, all in all, it does still sorta feel like you're forcing your opinion on people. I know that's not your intention, but when you push something this hard, it sure makes it look like it. Especially bringing up points that had no real business being brought up looks odd, because you're defending something people weren't even attacking.


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