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Tue Dec 15 15 12:15pm
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I'm not going to mince words for presumably able people who refuse to embrace their potential as thinking beings -- which is the worst form of retardation because it is artificial retardation.

Don't assume that I think you're no better than a special needs adult reading a picture book at the library. I have only sympathy and compassion for that person because despite requiring special care they are still human and their approach to life reflects this. Even if their potential is minuscule, they are trying the best they can to learn and succeed, which is admirable in and of itself.

You, however, are a despicable little wretch because you are retarded by choice. And that is certainly something to shame and to be ashamed of. While I respect the person at the library as a fellow human being, I have nothing but disdain for your subhuman behavior. Absolutely pathetic.


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