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Smash 4 is still growing as well, your point? I'd love to see your face when the metagame lives past your estimate. It's obvious you were never going to give Smash 4 a chance the moment you realized it wasn't Melee, no matter how much deeper or content loaded it was. And your comparison is still baseless, comparing a 1 year old game to a 15 year old game, even moreso when you haven't even bothered to play the game.

If you read my comment correctly you'd realize that I said that not ALL or even most Melee/Project M players are elitists, but they are there and they are a problem, just like there are Smash 4 elitists as well. No one here has said ALL of your group is like that, learn the difference. Don't like the reality that some of those In your sect of the community are assholes? Do something about it. Inspire those people to be better. Don't just point fingers at go "Hey! You guys are just as bad if not worse!" That does nothing but make things worse.

How are you capable of making a conclusion about a game you haven't played? That makes absolutely no sense. All you can actually do is make gueses and assumptions. You have no insight to offer otherwise, sorry.

And that's fine, you have your favorite Smash game, you aren't fond of the others, I don't care about that, I only have a problem when you attack other players for thinking differently and playing a game you flat out don't like competitively.


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