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Haven't you noticed that this anti-Melee sentiment began after brawl came out? Before that, everyone loved Melee. It was considered perfect by everyone. They said the same thing about Brawl, and now that Smash 4 came out, people are saying Brawl was bad, people who played that game before and called it perfect. These games are being treated like trash because they jump on the new one each time, forgetting the good times they had with the past games. As for Melee players, they're pretty much being insulted because they disagree with them. "Wah, this person doesn't like what papa Sakurai did, wah, these people are evil. Waaah, Nintendo cannot make mistakes". That is how I hear it.

I somehow doubt you. I have never seen anyone deem Melee as too fast. At a face level, it is one of the easiest fighters to learn. Move and press a button. That's it. It takes maybe three matches to master at a very base level.


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