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Smash 4 is on borrowed time. DLC kept getting released, but now? It's the beginning of the end. Nintendo is also supporting is very aggressively, and it might last for a bit longer, but as soon as the next smash coems, this one will crumble into the shadows. Besides, I HAVE played Smash 4. What I found was an uninspired mess that I didn't enjoy.

And yet you tourself did mention "Melee players" being elitists. I'm not sure I like backpedaling. Wven then, I've never said there weren't a "Very" small minority of people in this community who are not super nice, but these people are also not liked within our community. And hey, I won,t stand and let my community be treated like garbage by people who act the same way to us, or worse.

I haven't attacked anyone. I'm on the defense here. It's not my problem if some people get crazy whenever I mention my opinion of their game. I've never attacked the people in particular and have always made an effort to show that I am not generalizing to an entire group. I am however tired of the Melee and PM community being a scapegoat. I will defend them because I don't stand for bullying.


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