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My points make sense. Smash 64 and Melee are enjoyed by both competitive and non-competitive players. Brawl has not been enjoyed by the majority of the competitive scene, same with Smash 4. Not to mention that in brawl's case, they went out of their way to remove competitive elements. And therefore, these games are for some people, but not all of them. I'm not even playing the victim, I,m just recounting the facts. I have been in both the party smasher and the competitive community. I've experienced both. And form that experience, I've seen people who have never been to tournaments hound and attack Melee competitive players just because they played better, even if they never even played a pro even once in their lifetime. I've also seen people from the Melee community take it, try and be nice, and then snap and aggressively respond. Then they got turned into the bad guys in this narrative. I want to break this false narrative and and make things fun again for these people who have been wronged.

I will not force my opinion, but I will vehemently defend it., You are free to disagree, but I am free to defend my opinion. Being opinionated =/= being forceful.