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You're waaaaay overgeneralizing and exaggerating here. But at this point, I am hardly surprised anymore.

"[Melee] was considered perfect by everyone."
Really now? It wasn't. By a large margin. There are so many people who didn't think Melee was perfect, even back then.

"Now that Smash 4 came out, people are saying Brawl was bad, people who played that game before and called it perfect"
How can you be certain it's the same people? There were plenty of people hating on Brawl before it even came out (also people from the Melee competitive scene, hint), saying it was too floaty for example. It's more likely it's the same people still hating on Brawl now instead of people magically changing their opinion.

"These games are being treated like trash because they jump on the new one each time, forgetting the good times they had with the past games"
Huge assumption. See above.

"As for Melee players, they're pretty much being insulted because they disagree with them."
Same chicken-and-egg story I (and several others here) keep telling you about. Yes, there is animosity (especially some time ago; it's less now) between the certain people in the Melee competitive scene and other Smash fans. But you keep insisting it's because other Smash fans started hating on Melee for no reason at all. That doesn't make sense at all. Isn't it perhaps so that certain people in the Melee competitive scene hated on Brawl and other people retaliated the asshole behavior? What sounds more likely to you?

"Wah, this person doesn't like what papa Sakurai did, wah, these people are evil. Waaah, Nintendo cannot make mistakes". That is how I hear it.
Thank you for showing me that you misinterpret criticism and grossly exaggerate it. And you doubting me, saying that people don't think Melee is too fast, that really shows you are blind to anything that fairly criticizes Melee.


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