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"Smash 4 is on borrowed time. DLC kept getting released, but now? It's the beginning of the end. Nintendo is also supporting is very aggressively, and it might last for a bit longer, but as soon as the next smash coems, this one will crumble into the shadows."

Tell me again, how do you know this? You know you don't. All you're doing is making baseless assumptions about a game you have already proven you have an agenda against.

"Besides, I HAVE played Smash 4. What I found was an uninspired mess that I didn't enjoy."

Except you said in the comments yourself that you haven't played it. You're either lying or trying to play both sides.
An "uninspired mess", yet it has triple the amount of characters and stages of Melee, sure, whatever you say.

And yet you tourself did mention "Melee players" being elitists. I'm not sure I like backpedaling.

Yes, because there are, as I said, there are SOME elitists in every sect of the community. I haven't "backpedaled" on anything. The only thing wrong here is your poor reading comprehension.

"Wven then, I've never said there weren't a "Very" small minority of people in this community who are not super nice, but these people are also not liked within our community. And hey, I won,t stand and let my community be treated like garbage by people who act the same way to us, or worse."

Except you said in this very thread that he had "no right" to call any Melee player an elitist just because he hadn't gone to any tournaments. If anyone here is backtracking, it's you.

"I haven't attacked anyone. I'm on the defense here. It's not my problem if some people get crazy whenever I mention my opinion of their game. I've never attacked the people in particular and have always made an effort to show that I am not generalizing to an entire group. I am however tired of the Melee and PM community being a scapegoat. I will defend them because I don't stand for bullying."

Your comment about Sakurai "exclusively focusing on low level players" isn't an insult to the very devoted, talented Smash 4 community? Are you serious? You called anyone who doesn't agree with yiu on soms points "in denial" and "unsensible". Have you not gotten on just about every commenter's case for saying even a small criticism of Melee and some of the very rude people in it's community?
If you're tired of your group being assaulted, maybe some of you need to improve your behavior, that includes you, because I have many hateful, vitriolic comments from your group, just like everyone else, whether you refuse to believe it or not.

" My points make sense "

No, they really don't. Comparing a 1 year old game that you especially haven't even given a slimmer of a chance to a 15 year old game makes no logical sense at all.

"Smash 4 has not been enjoyed by a majority of the competitive community."

This is how I know you're lying, and flat out have an agenda against the game. Absolute nonsense. I have gone to Smash 4 tournaments in my local areas for months, and attendance is ALWAYS high, everyone is always having a great time and i've had conversations with NUMEROUS skilled players who are eager to see the game expand. Online and In real life. That is a complete and utter, bold faced lie. You're delusional if you think what you said is a "fact".

I'm of the strong belief that any Smash game can be played however the player chooses, anyone can play Smash and have a good time, that is completely subjective.

As has already been said, the vitrol NICE Melee players get is very unfair but to say ALL of the vitrol is unfair when I've seen some of these elitists in action is bullshit. No group is more guilty than the other so the finger pointing is utterly stupid.

All you've done is this thread is force your opinion and belittle others for disagreeing. You've made your biases and your agenda known.


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