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I have actually played it extensively three weeks ago. Hated it. I have not lied, obviously. And yes, if one has never experienced the competitive scene directly, he has no right to judge it. I only respect the oppinions of those who know what they are talking about.

Amount of content does not equal quality of content. Your point is irrelevant.

Smash 4 aims at the lower end of the skill spectrum when compared to Melee. It isn't an insult, it is just fact. Melee has more speed, advanced techniques, approach options. The top Melee play will always be more impressive than the top Smash 4 play for this reason. That does not mean you cannot be good at Smash 4, but Melee has a higher skill cieling by design.

Now, buddy I agree, people should be free to play any way they want. Hence why the option to play using advanced techs should exist.

My group gets hate even when they shut up. The cause of the vitriol is people who call us elitists without knowing anything about us. We already try to police the jerks in our community. The rest lies on you.

Again, I am not forcing my oppinion on you. Feel free to disagree. I am free to defend my points. Disagreeing with you does not equate to being forceful.

Also, it is spelled nonsensical, not unsensible.


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