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Yes, I don't play the new iterations. I have tried them, but I do not "play" them as in seek them out to play them. I happened to be at an event where it was there for friendlies. I played it because friends brought me there to try it out, and we pretty much hated it. When I say that I "play" a game, I'm talking about the present.You don't have to assume that people are lying because they don't agree with you.

Smash 4 has less competitive depth than Melee, and that is undeniable, unless you're going to argue against Melee having less advanced techniques.

I will repeat myself: If you have not gone to a tournament, you may not judge the community. Realize that there are many trolls on the Internet who do not even come close to representing the scene. If you do not go and meet the people who represent our community and talk to them, you know nothing of it. I am therefore allowed to call you out on your ignorance.

The number of years in the metagame won't change the fact that one game has more advanced techs than the other, allowing for more strategic variety.

Mc Rainbowbrite, Swedish_Otaku, Chozoboy, etc... I can name many who seem to assume that were are in the majority as being elitists, which is wrong.

Keep in mind, I'm not taking these as personal attacks. I am very, very calm. However, I am calling it out like it is. I am very aware that people hate on Melee and PM players just because they think grand daddy is perfect and can do no wrong, and we don't agree. I will however demystify any false accusations of us not liking Smash 4 meaning that we are elitists. We have VALID reasons for disliking Smash 4 and VALID reasons to want to see some features returned. Instead of folding when people try to wave my arguments off as a lunatic's rant, I call out the bull. Sorry, but I don't stand there and let my friends get treated as vilains while other fandoms get off scott free treating my fandom like trash over lies.

Also, my spelling errors were typoes, quite different. And sure, I dislike Smash 4, but I don't hate on the fans.


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