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Sat Dec 19 15 02:55pm
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I may disagree with you a lot, but that last post improved my impression of your character. Keep in mind, I don't have anything against you as a person, I just feel very strongly about the topic at hand.

I was born into gaming's golden age and was a crazed Nintendo fanatic until Nintendo drastically changed directions with the Wii and too everything I used to love about Nintendo gaming and threw it away. I started buying Sony consoles and a gaming PC not because I wanted to, but because I was bored and the Wii left me with no games to play. Brawl not being fun for me sort of was the nail in the coffin that buried my fanboy ways far, far under. That fanboy influence still lives somewhere over that pile of motion games and shovelware that I do not like. I still foolishly hope that Nintendo will somehow go and make ammends to the fans they sent to Sony, Microsoft and Steam and reign on top again. Believe me, under this harsh criticism is a disilusioned fan who only wants the best for Nintendo and enjoy Nintendo gaming like he once did when he played Super Smash Bros. melee 15 years ago. I crave to relive that excitement again. I crave to see a Nintendo conference or direct and be excited, not having to worry about which controllers will be used. That criticism is borne from love, not hatred.

When I see people blindly accept Nintendo's policies even when they clearly go against a large subset of the fanbase or people who are not in the fanbase anymore but could be convinced, part of me yells "Why are you trying to keep us out?" When people ask for controller options, or ask for certain mechanics, instead of understanding the concern and saying "while I like this, it is true that this option should exist for those people", people scream "Go away!". The fandom will never grow if it becomes some exclusive club.

Nintendo IPs are special and I want people to experience them the way I have. I want them to touch their hearts as they have touched mine, and understand how significant Zelda's puzzle solved jingle is, smile when they see someone wearing a 1-up mushroom T-shirt, get together to learn and master a challenging Nintendo game. The first step is to appeal a bit more to those disilusioned fans who will be the parents who will create the future Nintendo gamers.


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