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Lately I've been doing a lot of art-related stuff, so the most time I can commit to gaming is the daily stuff for Badge Arcade and Pokemon Picross.

Both are those kinds of pay-to-win games, but when it IS that type of game, it almost feels like half the challenge is getting through it without paying a dime. And while my luck with Badge Arcade is a bit gated(because some badges are intentionally buried and require multiple free-plays on the same day in order to get them), it's still been a lot of fun whenever I can get things to work the way they "should". Sometimes things go well in the practice board, but similar tactics are dodgy enough that they don't always work that way every time.

I don't know why people hate Pokemon Picross so much. For a free game, it's been great... and even if I have to do the training-thing to grind Picrites(without bothering to cheat-grind because bleh that's annoying), doing it on the free isn't too too bad. I just tend to binge puzzles once I unlock a new area, and unfortunately I'm getting to the point where being able to complete all-missions is getting pretty darn difficult. The only thing 'off' I've done is find out that someone managed to force their way into finding out one of the passwords early, and even though I didn't beat that one yet, just unlocking a passworded puzzle gives you some achievement-picrites, so that did help me get to the first difficult 100-unlock World-7 goal. But now I've finished every World-7 puzzle and don't have enough to unlock 6, so it's going to require more training I guess.

But Picross is a fun enough game on its own, and making a pokemon-thing out of it is fun as well. I've also managed to force my way into at least obtaining some of the harder Pokemon even if I don't full-complete them on the first go. Some of the really hard ones almost seem to require a Pokemon to help out, but when you can break into the larger-puzzles by sheer logic and gradual elimination as well as stubborn determination, it's a really great feeling.


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