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After this batch, we still have:

- Series 3 & 4 of Animal Crossing cards.
- Shadow/Dark Mewtwo card

- Global Famicom R.O.B.
- Gold Mega Man

- Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin & Bayonetta
- Kapp'n, Rover, Timmy/Tommy
- Wolf Link

There may be another Isabelle, wearing her Summer outfit, because it would match Mario Maker and the unnecessary distinction that she is wearing a specific outfit in the first place.

Beyond that we don't know.

I do NOT expect an actual Pokkén series or Hyrule Warriors one.

I DO however expect some more Zelda & Pokémon amiibo to release this year for the anniversaries. Hopefully Metroid gets something cool too.

There is also the chance Star Fox delays may allow SF amiibo, and maybe we will finally get more Mario series, haha.

Another possibility is releasing Smash alts. Specifically characters, like genderswaps, Koopalings and Alph. Then the possibility of releasing Smash cards.

The possibilities are endless.

I am going to say I am certain at least one more Zelda amiibo, if not more, are coming besides Wolf Link, and some more Pokémon of some kind. Be it cards, a 20th Anniversary fat Pikachu or whatever.