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To me it took the subversion the Mother games do with their final bosses and applied it to the whole game instead of just the end. [Mainly taking the attacks for a certain number of turns]. Just my impression but I presume one goes for these games for the writing. For me it really kick gear until the boss that makes your heart blue. I think gameplaywise the good moments were when it turns your expectations on how you assume the game is gonna play.

I am, [though I think No More Heroes went for a Tarantino vibe and the second game was the one really going down the guilt trip journey. Nier like with Undertale I wouldn't recommend it for its gameplay, more like "do you like this music, and this setup, then go for it".]. I think for the most part drama in some games leads to your character having less agency in the world. In some games the drama is mainly the cutscenes, in others doing something bad limit rewards or outcomes and in others it's just pretension [for it was the Tomb Raider reboot] you can't feel bad for a character killing, if killing is the only way to progress.

No, but really no story is a earth-shattering revelation. It's more how you reach that turn that matters, and even then it's also subjective depending on players previous experiences with something that might have done it before. For me, that subversion works if there is indeed different outcomes for different approaches to the game [maybe it shouldn't be as strict as in Undertale, but well, it's a design choice]. I suppose most earth shattering is decisions carrying over to subsequent playthroughs, I think that's bold, and why I haven't tried the genocide run.

I don't felt it was meant to be profound [which in turn might be why I think Mother 3's narrative is stronger], I mean if you add the meta physical aspects why would an outcome be better than another from narrative point of view. Anyway the game has several elements that I could see bringing the appeal it has gotten. It really felt like it was targeting internet sites like tumblr, facebook, instagram groups of people, the story elements that are leave vague I think there is some appeal to some people like the fans of Five Nights at Freddy's.


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