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"Just my impression but I presume one goes for these games for the writing."

Like having a good soundtrack or good graphics, good writing can be a draw for a game, but it should never be the only one. At that point, one might as well forego buying the game at all and just watch a playthrough on Youtube.

If I show someone a movie and in between every scene I pause the film to ask them to solve mathematical problems or something similarly tedious before I resume, most people would disagree that doing so improves the experience. Toby Fox should have just made a straight-up visual novel or something.

"I think gameplaywise the good moments were when it turns your expectations on how you assume the game is gonna play. "

I am not certain which parts you are specifically referring to. I expected the gameplay to not be really boring, so for me most of the game was a subversion of that. Razz

"For me it really kick gear until the boss that makes your heart blue."

You mean Papyrus? I might have enjoyed his 'fight' more if it were not literally impossible to lose against him. :-/

"No, but really no story is a earth-shattering revelation."

In videogames, I would agree for the most part, hence why it is wrong for games to act otherwise.

(Now, if you are saying that no story *in any medium* has the means to change the way its audience looks at the world, that is a pretty radical statement and I am going to have to disagree with you there.)

"I suppose most earth shattering is decisions carrying over to subsequent playthroughs"

They carry over in the sense that maybe the player gets an extra piece of dialogue from a character or two, but the actual alterations are pretty lazy and thin I thought. Okay, so killing Toriel and then reloading the save and sparing her gets... a grand total of one new line from Flowey (who almost none of the other characters are even aware of). Meanwhile doing the same thing to other characters pretty much always results in... no changes at all.

" I think that's bold, and why I haven't tried the genocide run."

Starting a playthrough after a Genocide run is basically the same thing as starting the entire game fresh from scratch. Even Flowey does not remember what happened. The only change after the run is if you subsequently go for the Neutral ending and then after *that* go for a full-Pacifist run, literally one whole frame will be different in the ending (and even that single frame can be avoided by switching a setting in your configuration files). It's so half-baked, lol.

Personally, I consider skipping out on the two best boss fights in the game to be the much bigger punishment.


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