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Yeah, it's slowly becoming more and more grindy for me too. In a way, it does mean that I'm not blowing through the game all at once, but on the other hand, the moment I unlock the next area, I blow through the puzzles like they weren't even there.

It's funny, at first I seemed to just get Picrites forever, but now I'm having to grind abilities for achievements to get three extra Picrites, and I've only got two achievements left for those(that I can use, still don't have Slash Reveal). It does actually motivate me to GET achievements for once, though...otherwise I wouldn't care. And the missions make the puzzles fun when you can actually do them. Otherwise I fill in the time by doing daily-training and then I grind out the next 10,000 achievement by trying to solve older puzzles without any pokemon.

I do feel like I wasted Picrites on maybe one slot more than most missions need(I also have three slots), and probably one more energy-gauge update than I needed(300), maybe having a smaller energy gauge would have forced me to slow down a bit. *shrug*

Having since started this game, I've tried multiple versions of picross/nanograms, and Pokemon Picross is still one of my favorites. If I have to put up with the crap to have it for free, I'm alright with it. And if I was desperate, I guess I could do the cheating-grind thing to get more picrites. nanograms.org helps fill in the gap in the meantime, but I do regret registering with my usual password because they kinda just sent an email with it completely open and exposed... *shrug*


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