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Tue Jan 26 16 03:56pm
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Censorship by literal definition still does not change the fact that this was joint decision by publisher and developer because the feature wasn't even received well in Japan. The very act of localization is not censorship, but appropriation of the experience between regions. Therefore, this is editing, not censorship. Yes Nintendo of America is not Intelligent Systems, but also don't act like there isn't consulting between regions.

Fair enough about ignorance does not a hypocrite make, but why bite your nose to spite your face? Why stop playing these games now?? If you've done it for so long and were completely unaware of any harm it may do (none) then why go on the boycotting train now? Especially for the removal of a feature you not only didn't like, but agree that it's meandering and creepy. Principle is a justified reasoning in other mediums, but in entertainment it's vein. And especially with this minigame, the overall consensus is that it was bad.

I think people misjudge editing in order to make a product more approachable as outright censorship when it's not the case.


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