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Tue Jan 26 16 07:21pm
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I agree with you for the most part, however there are two points that I differ on, one being censorship is more of a catch all phrase, which encompasses many of the things that they have done, minus the term localization, as localization should not be confused with sanitization, which is effectively what they're doing, and therefore should come under censorship. 2. Although no doubt that are three possibilities for there actions being, A. attempting to avoid controversial articles written by unscrupulous publications, as you stated. B. attempting to avoid a higher certification issued by the ESRB or PEGI, then what they are targeting. C. this one's a little controversial, that in the last week, certain tweets have come to my attention from a prominent member of treehouse, who may be making decisions from an ideological bias, now of course this could just be chalked up to anecdotal evidence on my part, but it does raise questions when you see one of them arguing that, an intellectual conversation can not take place about video games unless you have an understanding of Intersectionality, and if you don't you need to educate yourself! Of course I'm paraphrasing the to tweets in question, but they happened, and that's worrying.