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What Nurio said. Sometimes I don't bother to say anything either because there's nothing to add (and I just saw this now, after everyone commented). I wish "likes" on comments were visible because unless you get the top comment (which you did) they're utterly useless for everyone else. I wasn't even sure they actually did anything.

On another note, this community is messed up. Sure it's censorship, not arguing there, but if you notice, at least here most Nintendo fans only complain when it's something romantic/sexual. Splatoon, a team-based game with no voice chat? Sure there's a few people angry, but more will just say, "meh, I didn't want to get yelled at by kids" (even though you have the option to turn it off). Or adding online multiplayer in a multiplayer game. But take a sexy costume out of a game? WOAH! NOW they'll make a sh*t fit and be rallied into a frenzy for something that virtually adds nothing to the game, whereas actual features like online and voice chat that are perfect for those games doesn't even get half a page of complaints.

Seriously look at this freaking thread. 90 comments of people crying about not petting their waifus. And then look at this thread (not sure if it's the first time no voice chat was mentioned but it's as close as I can find): http://www.gonintendo.com/stories/232975-ign-staffer-says-splatoon-s-lack-of-voice-chat-is-cheap-and-lazy

96 comments, yeah, some of it is attacking IGN (because Nintendo fans can't take criticism, Nintendo is perfect unless they say so. But more importantly, they're actually PRAISING Nintendo for not including a feature that's not just optional, but actually BENEFITS the game greatly. Or just, "Well it's Nintendo's decision and I can see why so it's okay." Oh but mess with their sexy costumes and waifus and suddenly it's full on RAGE MODE. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites. They're actually ruining Nintendo by doing this because "hey if our wants don't really want it, we won't bother making it", which will keep Nintendo stagnant and in the past because too many people will just be complacent or praise them for not further themselves.