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Wed Jan 27 16 01:33pm
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On another note, this community is messed up. Sure it's censorship, not arguing there, but if you notice, at least here most Nintendo fans only complain when it's something romantic/sexual. Splatoon, a team-based game with no voice chat? Sure there's a few people angry, but more will just say, "meh, I didn't want to get yelled at by kids" (even though you have the option to turn it off). Or adding online multiplayer in a multiplayer game. But take a sexy costume out of a game? WOAH! NOW they'll make a sh*t fit and be rallied into a frenzy for something that virtually adds nothing to the game, whereas actual features like online and voice chat that are perfect for those games doesn't even get half a page of complaints.
Well, to be fair, people are (or at least I am) opposed to censorship in general, whether it's something sexual or not. The thing with Splatoon wasn't something that was in the game and removed during localization. That was a conscious decision by the developers and they had a good reason for it. (Whether one agrees with the reason is a whole other point.)
People have been just as opposed against non-sexual censorship. It's just that most censorship is of the sexual kind. I remember when it was announced that Bravely Second will have the Tomohawk class replaced for the Cowboy class. That got more comments than anything, I believe.

So, no. It's not just about the sex or the waifus. At least for a good chunk of them, myself included.