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Sure a good chunk may not be, but the ones posting all of the comments and being the most vocal are the ones going to get catered to.

My point is, most people complaining (making their voices heard or seen) about this don't actually care about Nintendo improving their games at all. They lap up whatever Nintendo feeds them and accepts it as the word of their God that can't be questioned. Their reasoning for not having voice chat in Splatoon was horsesh*t. "Some people are mean" so what? Have a lock on it, have it restricted to just friends, make it optional, mute people, there are plenty of options, Nintendo's just too lazy and stubborn to move on. They still think mostly kids play video games or Nintendo consoles when it's really 20-30 year olds.

I mean, make a game objectively better by adding MODERN features that have been around for almost a decade? Pff, who cares about that? Let's only make a stink about not petting virtual faces.

I get it, censorship and adding features aren't directly correlated, and that most censorship is sexual in some way because that's where our biggest differences lie. But when the majority only makes a stink about one side and not the other, you can tell where their priorities lie. Maybe if we didn't have so many people be complacent with Nintendo's clearly poor decisions the company might bother to improve themselves or evolve.


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