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Unfortunately that is a tactic that's used to shut down conversation and debate, when discussing censorship with people who tend to be pro-censorship, as there is no win condition for their argument. In fact it's been used on me as well, in an earlier discussion on goNintendo, it was about a month and a half ago when the bravery second costume debacle broke! I put my complaint in and flagged the comment. Although nothing really came of it, I believe the message was well and truly sent, as they would've been given a email notification, as well as having their comment sighted for review.
But this leads into the problem, if we were using our real names, and someone said that to you, my advice would be contact your lawyer. As it doesn't fall on the the usual category of trolling and name-calling, but as we are all anonymous here, we have to use the mods to sort these problems out. No disrespect to the mods, but I don't think there really suited to dealing with these types of arguments, when the type of language being used would get you sued in any other arena, rather than just being the usual nasty comment or swearword.