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dark weres
Sun Feb 07 16 09:49am
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Of course a playstation 4 developer would be the first to say "Oh yeah! Nintendo's handing out those NX development kits! In fact, they're recalling Wii U development kits and explicitly telling developers to stop making games for the Wii U, so trade in those Wii Us now folks! How about getting a playstation 4 and paying for 10 years of PSN while you're at it? We have a 'graphically demanding' playstation 4 game that totally wouldn't work on the Wii U, despite the Wii U already having shown to run 1080p60 full HD games from the get-go! But if the NX turns out like the Wii U then it'll get killed off just as fast, LOL! Tell all your friends and news outlets!"


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