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Nintendo once again avoided the special edition routes. I honestly get sick of that, especially with the remakes. Instead of Fire Red and Leaf Green, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Black 2 and White 2, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, they should have made special editions/remakes like Pokemon Electric Yellow, Clear Crystal, Grey, and Origin Emerald. At least we're getting a new game, instead of another special edition, but I'm sick of the version nonsense. If Nintendo really insists on wanting certain Pokemon to appear in the games, in order to encourage players to trade online to get them all, then why can't they just make one new Pokemon game from now on, with multiple choice questions at the beginning of the game, which will effect which Pokemon can and won't appear in that player's gamecard? That way, people won't have to choose between one, the other, or both, and save themselves $40, but Nintendo will still be making the same amount of sales by selling more of the same game, while keeping their encouragement of connecting with others. I'd much rather it be like that, since Nintendo isn't generous enough to let players obtain each Pokemon within each games.


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