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Fri Feb 26 16 12:30am
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Now now, I know your uncle works at Nintendo. But calm down man, just because it's not Z doesn't mean it's not a sequel. The idea of adding a new pokemon to existing games isn't outside the realm of possibility, especially if that game is on the same system as the previous ones. We live in the age of downloads and patches, and it could easily be patched into previous games. And correlations of names? When has that ever mattered? Take Gen IV for example. Diamonds, pearls and platinum literally have no connection. One straight up is an element, one is the byproduct of an element, and other is a compound. And last I checked, XD and Colosseum don't even sound vaguely related.

So don't try telling me it's not a possibility. Anything is possible. If it's Gen VII, I'll be ok with it. But as far as we know right now, 10 hours before a possible official announcement, it could be a cell phone game.


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