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I love how my points have all been presented and you how resort to some sort of mockery in a poor attempt to undermine my aforementioned points. Great arugment skills. Anyways, new Pokemon have never been introduced into previous generations, the chances of that happening are slim to none, that's not the way Nintendo does it. And that's great. They use the current generation as much as they can, its been three years, they're ready to move on. Also, your point about the correlation of names is irrelevant, this is a NEW SET games. Whereas that was trio of related games, this is something entirely different. Chromsomes have no relation between tbe sun and moon. Those two comparisons do not work, sorry. The GCN games comparison also doesn't work, that's a subseries. Nice try. It's not a possibility, sorry ::P But don't worry, I'll be in here to laugh at you in the morning.

As for that last point.....

....you do know Pokemon Go is a thing, right?


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