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Mon Feb 29 16 07:22pm
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I start to regret my purchase, because I'm simply supporting Nintendo with this madness.
How will people defend this edit now?

It's kinda funny what happened to the Bravely Second Release. In the first, it seems like the Game will come without any changes, until someone clarified the Tomahawk Class is now the Cowgirl/Boy Class for ethnic or whatever reasons. Seemed like the only change until the Release. There we found an edited Artbook with complete pages missing. That's absurd but still not a total Drama. Until a few hours ago someone looked in the files and saw how many costumes were edited. Nearly every costume was changed if it showed slightly female skin.

Well that's still nothing what affects the Gameplay until people complaining the Sidequest Choices were edited. Why? For what purpose? This is insane. What is going to happen to upcoming Games Nintendo will publish? I guess some people will still find a way to defend the new changes. But please, children, this is getting creepy.


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