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Mon Feb 29 16 08:07pm
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This is not a "Blame NoE" or "Blame NoA" Topic. It's Nintendo themselves who are to blame here. Of course they won't create two Versions for two different markets. So unfortunately EU and US have to stick with the same Versions. The problem are the people who are in charge at the Western Nintendo Branches. They should sit together with a few people from the ESRB or the PEGI. Discuss which content may cause trouble and which not. What they do right now is random, decided by people without any clue when it comes to age ratings and such stuff.

Well of course there may be another reason the decisions in the Sidequests were killed in our Version. They simply skipped them because of more work and more English Dub. So it could still be a matter of Budget. I really don't think that is the reason but I try really hard to understand this decision.


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