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Same here. I beat XenoBlade X & didn't finish someones art or Aiff mission & found out the hard way. End game you can continue going on to buy powerful Skells ect but I felt I needed to 100 things to move forward. So I restarted my game again to better fix things. The amount of hours I put into it also was a pain after finding out they didn't give us new game plus. So I felt unsatisfied by the design of the game at the end. Replay is ok but would have been higher if they added the new game plus.

Only thing that can carry over is your characters looks because you can save it from the start & load it up. I still love the game but I'm in no hurry to finish a 2nd playthrough anytime soon. I wish the collection gathering was in line like w/Zelda games where you can grab 100% in one run & feel good about it w/no stress leading up to more replays again. Those are the games I love buying due to everday life getting in the way where I know I can balance my time to do things correctly in the games.


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