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Except, you're still getting the games, no matter how badly localized, you're still getting the games, with the majority of their content still intact.

Final Fantasy Explorers was fine
Fire Emblem had a petting game removed/altered
Bravely Second had a class change, some cleavage covering and some dumb story edits, optional story edits might I add.
Dragon Quest 8(?) and 7 are still coming

Just so you know, I do think it's dumb the story has been changed in such a way, the same way I thought it was stupid the author of Attack on Titan extended and changed his ideal ending from grim to probably happy because of popularity, but except Bravely Second all the games you're saying are a "travesty" or whatever are still there, you can still play them, and they will be almost entirely intact minus the tinniest most minuscule things.

The way you act makes it seem like the end of the world.


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