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Tue Mar 01 16 06:20am
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Wow, childish and patronizing.

Except you don't need a Crystal ball to prove what I said.
Final Fantasy Explorers is out, hell it included all the DLC and what little story there is wasn't tampered with.
Fire Emblem Fates had alterations to two scenes which could've been perceived very badly by most regions, it also had it's petting game modified, this has been proven.
Bravely Second is out, hence why this whole topic exists and has been discovered.
The only two which aren't out are the Dragon Quest games, but one of those has been localised before with no hiccups.

Word from a not so bright guy to a clearly irritated little man.
Don't act like a patronizing fool using quips to try refute an argument/discussion, use some logic and facts.


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