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Tue Mar 22 16 04:46pm
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After going to the serenes forest forums, http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56220&page=94 I think the team is going to palm off the project on someone else by the look of it. Not sure if I blame them, it's not like it's one game there translating, but in fact three! Well all I can say it's a little disappointing, but I will wish good luck to who ever picks up the baton.

Update.... Looks like they've brought new people on, and the translation is back on track.

And for the people that were happy that they saw it was canceled, let me remind you that the people that do this work, don't get paid for their service, and that they also do this for many games that will never get a Western release, which is rather exceptional as they are literally doing what Ninten-don't.
So even if you're not interested in there translation, have a little respect for their work, instead of acting like smug NOA lapdogs.