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Not everyone has the time to do a literal translation of a Japanese game for free either.

Yes I get that, there busy with jobs and school, whilst not getting paid for it, and certainly I would not hold it against them to move on to other things which they deem more important. Now am I a little disappointed, sure, is it the end of the world?, not really. These things happen, they chose to start this project and in doing so offered a genuine alternative to the localized version, which got people's hopes up. Grunted this probably put unnecessary pressure on them to complete their work, but then they decided to call it a day out the blue, that's why the work they have done means I will not be ungrateful for their efforts, but it is a shame they didn't finish.
But with all that said, your comment about people should learn Japanese if they don't like it, is still flippant and unnecessary.

I mean, if you think you're too good to play a localized version of the game then go satisfy yourself and play the Japanese version.

That's not the case, I do not think I'm too good to play the localized version, but I'm not a blind fan boy who will defend every decision and action they take. That's why I'm not going to support what treehouse has done to the game, my intention is still to play the Japanese version, even if the translation job isn't finished, I will just have to make do with what is available.