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I love that to the Japanese purists, the only possible way someone could like Treehouses' work is if they are an NoA lapdog fanboy.

Everyone is suppose to bow down and respect the work of these random smug quitters (who will likely never finish their translation regardless who else they bring on,) but we aren't allowed to respect and appreciate the work of a translation team that has been doing an awesome job for years and years?

On top of that, and even tough I am fine with the official localization, I've followed Team If's progress. I like to try and be well informed when I form my opinions. In fact, I don't believe they have made much tangible progress at all. What I have seen for samples hasn't earned them much respect and they've acted like drama queens throughout all of this (and that is a shared opinion among a lot of people interested in their work.) I could keep going right up through to the way they handled this "cancellation announcement" but it isn't worth it. The point is, Treehouse has gained my respect over the course of a couple decades. I can remember seeing names like Bill Trinen, Nate Bihldorf, Leslie Swan, etc... in the credit rolls for N64 games, but having no idea who they were. Here we are 20 years later and they've actually EARNED respect.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to disrespect Team IF, and I'm happy they are doing something that makes them happy. Anyone who tries to put them up on a pedestal, though, and act like people owe them what they aren't due, are just being ridiculous.