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Wed Mar 23 16 10:22am
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I guess I should qualify that as: "aren't allowed to like the localization without being called out for being a lapdog, fanboy, or blind apologist." (Sorry, I thought I made that clear within the context of my whole comment and following my opening statement, but I forgot this is the Internet and everything gets taken out of context!)

My point being, the NoA localization teams have amassed a massive body of work over the course of many years. That body of work has gained them the respect they are shown from a huge segment of gamers, like myself. So, to dismiss that as just Nintendo Defense Force crap, while insisting others show respect to Team IF because they are doing something for free that they've admitted there isn't much interest in, is beyond silly to me.

Believe me, I know I can like whatever I want, and I do. If I didn't, I wouldn't be as old as I am and still be a Nintendo gamer.