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Tue Apr 05 16 01:34am
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Is Sony supposed to be blue?
Their main color over the years has been a little bit all over the place with some grey, some blue but mainly black. Apart from the first one, all Sony products are black and only the PS2 and 4 actually have a touch of blue. I agree they use blue quite a lot in their ads though.

I think it was even part of Nintendo's strategy to complement Sony when they turned white/grey.
Blue is also used a lot by Nintendo, mainly with white, since the Wii days. Maybe Nintendo has decided that they lost the battle over the blue color and recognized that it is now seen as a very Sony color if that makes sense. As far as I'm concerned I think color recognition and associations between brands and colors are extremely important. So they might as well go back to red even if I think it is the harder of the three colors to use in ads because it's very agressive.


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