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Granted, it is no Volgarr (<3), but I feel comfortable placing it above stuff like Shovel Knight and the mediocrity that comprises the rest of their NES-wannabe Kickstarter brethren -- not to mention anything that Konami is currently putting out.

"Although it isn't as shoddily designed as something like NG"

To this day, I still crack up a bit at how when they interviewed the guy who ran NG3 in that GDQ relay sometime back, a huge chunk of his victory speech was just him straight-up giving a sincere mini-rant about how thoroughly he despised the game. Seriously thought he was going to celebrate by snapping the cartridge into pieces with his teeth or something, rofl.

"With the exception of a couple of okay bosses, it fails to surpass any of the games it's paying tribute to"

It errs a little too much for my liking on the Igavania side of the scale of the scale in terms of how in favor of the maze-style level design it sacrifices certain environmental hazards (e.g., instant-death pits) that give the platforming some real teeth in pure action platformers, but Odallus pretty easily outclasses the likes of Simon's Quest and NEStroid. Especially on Veteran mode, where things get kind of savage.

(In an ideal world, there would be more games paying tribute to 16-bit era games than the ones on third-generation hardware, but that would require more talent, more money, and more time than is available to these developers.)


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